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Top buckle with a fallen shoulder 0629-1

Elegant sports top with wide fallen shoulder strap made of fine stripes viscose.
Manufacturer number: 0629-1
€12.50 €6.50
дамски потник

Top buckle 0587

Elegant sports top with wide shoulder strap made of fine monochrome viscose.
Manufacturer number: 0587
€10.00 €5.00
потник апликация

Vest print with application 0337

Vest print with application.
Manufacturer number: 0337
€19.00 €8.00
потник щампа

Vest print 0223

Vest print.
Manufacturer number: 0223
€16.00 €8.00
потник щампа

Vest print 0425

Vest print.
Manufacturer number: 0425
€20.00 €7.00

Plus size top 0774

Stylish plus size top with wide shoulder strap and an open neckline with three buttons.
Manufacturer number: 0774
€15.00 €6.50
дамски потник

Top with lace upper part 0265

Top made of fine pinstripe and cotton lace.
Manufacturer number: 0265
€14.50 €8.00
дамски потник

Top "hug me" with stamp 0118

Top “hug me” made of Italian stamped viscose with straps tied around the neck.
Manufacturer number: 0118
€12.45 €6.45
дамски потник

Top "hug me" 0666

Elegant sports top “hug me” with wide shoulder strap made of fine monochrome viscose.
Manufacturer number: 0666
€12.45 €6.45
потник райе

Top with wide straps 0773

Top with wide shoulder strap made of wide and narrow stripes highlighting the bust.
Manufacturer number: 0773
€12.90 €6.45
дамски потник

Top V-neckline finely striped 0229

Elegant and sports top with a V neckline finely gathered on top made of finely striped elastic viscose.
Manufacturer number: 0229
€9.95 €4.95
дамски потник

Top V-neckline 0715

Women Top with V-shaped neckline decorated with three buttons made of thin stripes. A great choice for summer heat.
Manufacturer number: 0715
€12.45 €6.00
потник щампа

Top with thin straps 0626

Top with thin shoulder strap made of single color.
Manufacturer number: 0626
€9.95 €4.95

Top lase with skull 0295

Top with fine viscose at front and back with lace.
Manufacturer number: 0295
€10.00 €5.00

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